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Half Life 2

samedi 11 décembre 2004

Une mise à jour de Half Life 2 est disponible, elle s’installe automatiquement dès le (ou re) lancement de Steam.

  • Half-Life 2
    - Solved disc in drive incompatibility error by removing Securom disc check routine
  • Half-Life 2 : Deathmatch
    - Fixed players entering the game with a score of -1
    - Fixed combine ball tracking teammates
    - Fixed not being able to grab level designer placed combine balls with the physics cannon
    - Fixed players randomly spawning without physcannons
    - Fixed multishot pistol exploit
    - Fixed wrong footstep sounds while in team mode
    - Fixed last RPG shot not tracking
    - Added cl_defaultweapon — defaults to weapon_physcannon but can be changed to any other weapon you spawn with
    - Added HUD string to print team name
    - Added model specific death sounds
    - Switching to the physcannon is now instantaneous
    - Toned down 357 damage
    - Updated dm_overwatch
  • Source Dedicated Server
    - Fixed "failed to load server.dll" error with 3rd party mods
    - Fixed linux dedicated server crash on some GLIBC versions
    - Fixed dedicated server error in certain localized languages

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